1. Scent Of Nobility -----------------
  2. The Wicked Sword
  3. Inner Blue
  4. For Life -----------------------------
  5. The Guardian Goblins
  6. Hidden Cross ---------------------
  7. Air Castle
  8. Time Shift
  9. Earthling
10. Moonflower ------------------------
11. Black Hole
12. Samurai Assassin ---------------
13. Hindmost
14. Soldiers Of Fortune -------------

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by Osamu Kitajima

The Source
by Osamu Kitajima
  1. Heavensent ------------------------
  2. Thru Cosmic Doors --------------
  3. Eye To I

by Masakazu Yoshizawa
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1. A Dragonet And The Seine ----- 

2. The Floating Mums ---------------     

3. Mystic Depth       
               (蘊奥 / うんのう)

4. Solemn Forest       
5. Kute ... The Marsh ----------------                 
                (湫  / くて)

6. A Flock Of Clouds                 
             (叢雲 / むらくも)
7. Mere Caprice          

NHK Documentary

The Sacred Land

by Osamu Kitajima
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1. Floating Bridges - Prologue
2. The Sacred Land ------------------
3. Floating Bridges - Ocarina
4. Mystic Cicadas ---------------------
5. Floating Bridges - Strings
6. Missing Owl -------------------------
7. Floating Bridges - Epilogue
The Sound Of Angel
by Osamu Kitajima
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  1. Milonga Del Angel --------------
  2. Promised Land
  3. Ebb & Flow -----------------------
  4. Flow On The Moon
  5. Django
  6. Turning
  7. Inside Time -----------------------
  8. Forbidden Games
  9. Homeward Journey In Winter
10. The Sound Of Angel -----------
Spatial Moment
by Memi
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1. Asian Wind ----------------------
2. Fog Break
3. Fairy Forest ---------------------
4. Floating Bridges ---------------
5. Forbidden Lake
6. Dancing Firefly
7. Stolen Memories
Breath Of Jade
by Osamu Kitajima
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1. The Elysian Fields ------------
2. Circlet Of Fire
3. Waves Forgotten --------------
4. Land Of Nod
5. Stream Of Innocence
6. Cachet ---------------------------

by Osamu Kitajima
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1. Mandala -------------------------
2. Inward Journey
3. Pure Land In The West ------
4. Inward Journey - "Dear"
5. Wheel Of The Law
6. Mandala - The White Lotus -

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This is a potent blend of exotic, atmospheric music widely ranging from dark, ethereal atmospheres with spine-tingling Japanese poignant spirit to intense high-energy trip-hop ambient dance grooves.
This is his most highly acclaimed album, which was enthusiastically praised by the top critics in many countries around the world, including being called a "major masterpiece" by Rolling Stone magazine.

Musicians : Masakazu Yoshizawa, Victor Feldman, Dorothy Ashby,
David Mansfield, Michael Fisher, Richard Elliot, Joe Curiale, and
Masayuki Suzuki

A new and the last, solo album by the late Masakazu Yoshizawa who was known for his mastery of shakuhachi.

Musicians :
Van Dyke Parks, Freddie Ravel, Michael Fisher, Hiromitsu Nishikawa, Hiromi Hashibe, Sid Page, and Osamu Kitajima
Eclectic ambient soundtrack music with an ethnic/tribal flavor from the major High Definition Documentary Special by NHK Japan ranging from native voices and beats to haunting animal heart and soul. You will be shrouded in aura of mystery.
This is a collection of serene and thoughtful acoustic music that speaks to your heart and it evokes the spirits from nature.
Perfect for healing, massage, relaxation and meditation.

Guest Musicians : David Benoit, Victor Feldman, and Freddie Ravel
Listen to the crystal clear sound of Yubibue ( Finger Whistle ) performed by Memi.
The producer Osamu's grandiose arrangement is more than pleasing to your ears. Yubibue has never been produced this way before.
It takes you to a journey of the spirit and breathes with a flow of the universe.
The music goes beyond all the limitations and forms an eternal line of life.
Music of this album consists an original soundtrack from the motion picture " MANDALA " which is a collaboration between the two countries, Japan and China.
The unification of Yin & Yang beautifully fulfill both aural and inner space throughout the album with enthralling world-New Age-ambient groove.
by Osamu Kitajima
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This is a reissue / compilation of his previous albums "In Minds Way" and "FM Shrine" and originally released by CBS in 1987.
It is graceful, heavenly, colorful, crystal clean and naturally life-like acoustic music with Japanese traditional instruments such as Koto, Shakuhachi, Taiko and Narimono (Percussion) combining great synthesized sound along with beautiful string orchestrations.

Guest Musicians : Joe Curiale, Masakazu Yoshizawa, Geoffrey Hales, Hiromitsu Nishikawa, Michael Fisher, Richard Elliot, David Benoit, David Mansfield, David Lindley, Sid Page, Bob Marullo, etc.
  1. FM Shrine
  2. The Bronze Mirror
  3. Ancient MIDI Star ----------------
  4. Secret Lagoon --------------------
  5. Passages
  6. Ebb and Flow ---------------------
  7. Mystic Knot
  8. Thoughts Ago
  9. Sweet Dew ------------------------
10. White Dragon
11. Passages_Strings ---------------

Ginjo Kyogoku is one of the best Shigin masters in Japan.
Shigin is the art of reciting or singing poems written in Kanji (Chinese characters).
Shigin is sung to commemorate special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and New Years celebrations. The poems that are sung express all facets of human life – love, beauty of nature, happiness, grief, revenge, etc.
The music you hear on this album is totally unconventional approach as Shigin.
Although he has kept those traditional Shigin singing style, the producer Kitajima’s defiant attitude and grandiose compositions & arrangements are just amazing.
It is unprecedented and Shigin has never been produced this way before.

Guest Musicians : David Benoit, Freddie Ravel, Sid Page, Vince Denham, etc.

by Ginjo Kyogoku
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  1. Nichiren -----------------------------
  2. Ame Nimo Makezu --------------
  3. Mohkorai ---------------------------